On-the-go digital banking so you can bank wherever you are, whenever you want.
On-the-go digital banking so you can bank wherever you are, whenever you want.

UFinancial Digital Banking

Not on UFinancial Digital Banking? Your branch representative will be happy to assist you with UFinancial Digital Banking services. These services include:

  • Account monitoring - Monitoring your accounts on a regular basis keeps them safe and secure!
  • Transfer of funds within University Credit Union accounts - make transfers to and from any share account or make a payment to any University Credit Union loan.
  • Applying for a loan or credit card.
  • Setting you up with Bill Payer.
  • Email notifications and Digital alerts to help you keep track of your finances.

UFinancial Digital Banking App

University Credit Union is proud to announce the release of our updated UFinancial Digital Banking App now available to all members who are signed up for UFinancial Digital Banking. 

  • UFinancial Digital Banking App is convenient, easy and secure, all part of our World Class Member Service, for you, our members.
  • Cant’t get to your computer? Use University Credit Union UFinancial Digital Banking App right from your smartphone.
  • Check your balances straight from your smartphone.
  • Transfer funds from your checking or share account to your vacation or holiday account at University Credit Union. 
  • Pay bills with our Bill Payer Service from your smartphone.
  • Notification when you have an eBill and make a payment straight from your smartphone.
  • Receive text alerts or get directions to the nearest University Credit Union branch or ATM.
  • Pay friends or family directly from your smartphone with PopMoney.
  • Log in to your UFinancial Digital Banking  account and set up your UFinancial Digital Banking App account today!
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Remote Deposit Capture

  • Save yourself the time and hassle of taking paper checks to a branch or ATM
  • Deposit a checks using your Apple or Android smartphone
  • Login with your existing online banking credentials
  • Secure encrypted data capturing and transmission
  • Deposit to your savings or checking account
  • Deposit amount and funds availability based on your daily limits and Credit Union hold policy
  • View your pending deposits held for review
  • Click here for a copy of the Mobile Deposit Disclosure

UFinancial Digital Banking Features

Bill Payer

  • Pay Your Bills Electronically
    Easily and efficiently online, save expensive postage and keep accurate records. You can even send a paper check to your lawn service, at no cost to you!
  • Person to Person (P2P) Payments
    Transfer to another person from your account at University Credit Union. This is an efficient method to pay your baby sitter, lawn service or get that much needed cash to your college student. It’s easy convenient at a charge of only $0.50 per transfer.
  • Overnight Check - Bill Payment
    For those times when the days fly by and you need to make a payment by check quickly, an overnight check can be sent for a fee of $19.95 or $14.95 for two day expedite. We hope you don’t need it but in the event you do, this service can help you avoid late fees.  

Digital Payments (P2P)

At University Credit Union, we know you have choices when it comes to Person 2 Person payments (P2P). University Credit Union Member to Member transactions may be completed within UFinancial Digital Banking.

Your University Credit Union allows for P2P payments from the following Apps:

Cash App

DISCLOSURE: University Credit Union does not endorse nor have any direct affiliation to any of the P2P providers listed and use will be at your own risk.

e-Mail Notification and Text Alerts

  • Get an alert when your balance drops below a specified level. 
  • Know quickly when a check clears your account. 
  • Get notification when your account statement is posted in e*branch. 
  • e-Mail Notifications make it easy to monitor your accounts and provide an added layer of security with proactive, outbound notification of your account activity to you.  
  • You may choose specific e-Mails you want to receive based on your desired criteria, while also receiving automatic e-Mails for changes of address, telephone or e-Mail address made to your account. 
  • You can add new e-Mails, turn off existing e-Mails, or change your e-Mail preferences at any time. 
  • You can schedule your e-Mail Notifications inside e*branch from a list of commonly used notifications (under Access Accounts tab, click on e-Mail Notification).


  • For many of us, receiving, reconciling and filing our paper statements is part of our regular routine. We balance our check book and are comfortable that our finances are in order for the month. Unfortunately, identity theft and fraud continue to rise and paper statements waiting in our mailbox can be an invitation for the “bad guys” to start the process leading to this fraud.
  • For your security and peace of mind, University Credit Union is happy to provide you with e*statements, exactly the same as your paper statement, at no charge. You can print, reconcile, and file a hard copy or save to your computer without concerns that your statement will fall into the wrong hands.
  • Don’t wait anxiously for your paper statement to arrive every month. Monitor your transactions, daily or weekly through UFinancial Digital Banking and receive your monthly statements through e*statements.
  • Fast, accurate details of your transactions in the comfort and security of your home or office. If you're on the road, don’t worry about missing your statement or leaving it in your mailbox as e*statements are available to you wherever you travel, all around the world!
  • For details and set up, call 786.425.5000 or visit your branch. All part of our World Class Member Service.

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