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Consumer Protection Awareness


University Credit Union and the National Credit Union Administration (NCUA) would like to remind our members about resources available on the agency’s website to help them understand their rights as consumers.

On MyCreditUnion.gov, NCUA offers a wealth of information on a wide range of subjects including consumers’ privacy rights, how to avoid being victimized by fraud, understanding credit scores and preventing identity theft. MyCreditUnion.gov also has links to other consumer information resources, such as the “Frauds, Scams and Cyberthreats” videos, and the agency’s Share Insurance Estimator.

Credit unions and consumers can also find consumer protection and personal finance information and resources in Spanish on espanol.MyCreditUnion.gov

National Consumer Protection Week, which ran March 1st through the 7th of this year was a coordinated campaign to encourage consumers nationwide to take full advantage of their consumer rights and to make better-informed decisions.

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