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Dear Members, 
Over the past few weeks many of you may have received emails appearing to have come from University Credit Union reporting that there was an issue with your account and that you needed to log back in to confirm your information.  These type of emails are know as phishing emails targeting members in hopes of gaining your information to your account.  Often these emails are associated with urgent events such as the account will be closed or access restricted in order to make you more likely to respond.  It is important you read these emails carefully and always call your University Credit Union when you receive an email like this.  
University Credit Union would never ask you to provide information to your account via an email.  Learn more about Phishing and how to prevent it.

Frequently Asked Questions:


How did these crooks get my email address? - Email addresses are not hard to come by.  Often they are stolen from mail lists or simply recovered by scanning through company or University websites where email addresses are often listed.
Friends and co-workers received the phishing email who don't have an account with University Credit Union, why? -  Criminals use a "Shotgun" approach to these emails.  They send out thousands of emails in hopes of getting even just 2 or 3 individuals to respond.  They gather lists of email addresses and send it to as many individuals as possible, increasing their chances of getting a "bite".
How do I stop these from coming? - It is nearly impossible to stop these emails from coming.  Your best solution is to be diligent when reading and responding to any emails that ask for personal or sensitive information.  Always be cautious whenever you receive an unsolicited email.  Often they are hoaxes and should be discarded.
You will never catch us phishing

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