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Gift Cards


University Credit Union Visa Gift Card
The perfect gift for that hard to shop for friend or relative.  Use in place of cash or debit card when traveling.  Cheaper than most store bought gift cards.  Available at any University Credit Union branch location.  
Use anywhere Visa is accepted.

Questions & Answers:
  1. Where can the gift cards be used? - Anywhere Visa debit cards are accepted.
  2. Should I select debit or credit at the point of sale? - Credit
  3. Is the Gift Card a Credit Card? - No, it is a prepaid Visa card with a fixed amount of funds determined at purchase. Each time the card is used, the amount available on the card is reduced.
  4. Can I reload my Gift Card? - No, these cards cannot be reloaded.
  5. Can I get cash back from my Gift Card? - No, cash back is not an option.
  6. Can I check my balance on the Gift Card? - Yes, by calling 866.244.5360 or going online to www.libertygiftcard.com.
  7. Who do I report a stolen card to? - Call 866.244.5360. A new card will be issued and any available balance will be transferred to the new card less a $5.00 transfer fee.
  8. What are the fees associated with this Gift Card and when are they deducted? - Fees are deducted at the beginning of the month or at the time of transfer or termination. $2.50 per month service charge effective the seventh month – i.e. the fee is waived for the first six months. $5.00 for balance transfer/lost stolen cards. $10.00 monthly service fee for expired cards. $25.00 to terminate card and receive funds.
  9. Is there an expiration date on the Gift Card? - Yes, the card expires when the balance reaches $0.00 or on the expiration date on the front of the card.
  10. What if there are funds on the card when it expires? - You can request a new card and transfer the remaining balance. Or you can terminate the card and receive the funds via a check within 6 – 8 weeks. Fees apply in both situations.


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